Pressure washing WILL cause damage to your home. Some damage can be visible like chipped paint, broken window beading and scarring of your soft surfaces like siding, wood and stucco and faux-stucco. However, the most significant damage is unseen. The seals of your windows will be broken, water will be forced into any gap, crack, or crevasse and will turn to mold and mildew inside your walls. This creates an unhealthy environment, premature rotting and loss of energy efficiency in your home.

Soft washing uses a cleaning agent that will not damage your home. Algae is a living organism. Soft washing kills the algae which prevents it from growing back quickly. Windows are cleaned as the algae, dust and pollen are lifted from the surface and washed away.

Your home is left clean and fresh.  This is a clean that will stay clean for a long time.